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Ben Cannon
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I don’t handle losing well. It sticks with me forever. One of my earliest losses I remember was in 2nd grade. I lost the finals of the geography bee to a 6th grader. The tiebreaker question. I can still see the face of that 6th grader and I still feel the sting of that loss. That “6th grader” was Ben.

I look at these pictures and know that now I’m going to see that face, and it’ll be a different loss. Sometimes feeling like an insurmountable loss…. Especially for his family.

Ben is the kind of guy that lived to serve, always! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a situation where he could help that he didn’t freely volunteer.

Ben served in the National Guard. He served in the navy. He served on a nuclear sub. He served his 8 children. He served his community and HE SERVED GOD.

Please take the opportunity to find a way to continue that serving heart. Let’s help take some of the financial burden off of Ben’s children.

Let’s serve Ben!

We love you and thank you for being “The Light”.

Ricky and Becca Waitman

Obituary - https://buttefuneralhome.com/obituaries/benjamin-michael-cannon-age-44-of-butte/


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